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Welcome to the home of Samurai Karate UK, where we practice both Traditional and Sport Karate.

Traditional Karate

Samurai UK is now part of Shukokai World Karate Association (SWKA) Honbu Dojo Kobe, Japan. SWKA World Chief Instructor Sensei Kawata 9 th Dan Hanshi

Shukokai Karate For Self Defence.

Shukokai Karate is the ideal art for self defence. With its hard hitting, fast moving mixture of Shuri-te and Naha-te techniques, it caters for most eventualities.

Apart from the obvious style benefits, Samurai UK has a number of instructors who specialise in self defence, ladies self defence and personal protection programs. So if its sport karate or traditional values you require from your Karate. Look no further

Squad Goals.

The aim of our squad is to identify and train future Kumite and Kata champions, both at national and international level. Ultimately our goal is to produce future Olympiads and we have set in place a program to achieve this dream.

Sport Karate

Samurai Karate Squad.

Samurai are proud of their Kumite and Kata Squads, each area has a regional squad, which train and compete on a regular basis. Four times a year or when events dictate the regional squads join forces for training / selections and a social get together.

National / International Competitions.
Our squads are very active on the domestic scene and compete regularly.

In 1999, Samurai UK sent teams to:

  • Japan - 50th Anniversary of Shukokai - Kobe, Japan.
  • Australia - Samurai Goodwill Tournament - Melbourne, Australia.
  • France - Twin towns Sport 2000, Veirzon, France.



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